Next outing coming up is an invite to create a re-interpretation of a track by Janet Wolstenholme – Manchester’s own experimental electronic music legend as well as musician, composer, artist and film maker.

world of janet

An evening of music, film and one human’s fertile world of creativity filling the gorgeous Cross Street Chapel in Manchester. Again I will get to play with a grand piano. I could get used to this!

Please proceed to my current projects/live page for more info on this special one evening only event.


As my year forges on, another new work emerges.

My next outing will the first sharing of a collaboration with video art pioneer Madelon Hooykaas called “In the footsteps”.

Still from video “in the footsteps’ image: Madelon Hooykaas
Still from video “in the footsteps’ image: Madelon Hooykaas

I met Madelon thanks to my work with Delia Derbyshire Day, as Madelon came to DD Day 2016 (a visual art/film themed event at HOME arts centre, Manchester) and spoke about working with Delia. She gifted me a book of her work with Elsa Stansfield. And so I gifted her a copy of my latest album. She liked it and said she would like to work with me.

In May 2018, we visited the LYC (Li Yuan Chia) museum at Banks (Cumbria) together as well as Li’s grave at Lanercost Priory and Gilsland, where Delia lived when she went to Cumbria in the 1970’s. It was a gloriously sunny day and we talked improvisation, nature and Madelon’s connections with Li and Delia.

Then Manchester Art Gallery put on their recent exhibition to which Li and his LYC museum is central. And we will close this exhibition as part of a symposium about LYC and the museum, forming an evening of specially commissioned artistic interventions, on Wednesday 6 March 2019 at Manchester Art Gallery from 6pm.

I am excited and honoured to be working with Madelon. It is inspiring to work with a dedicated artist who was a pioneer at the same time as Delia and Li were working away. We have found many connections between our work and intentions that I hope will come out in our performance as we surrender to the present moment.

prepared piano 1

I have had much fun exploring prepared piano (putting objects inside a grand piano to make for some quirky new sounds) and forming my own pentatonic (5 note) scale based around the harmonic series (the overtones we hear when we hear one musical note).

Do come along if you can to our semi improvised performance experience (approx 15 mins duration) with music/sound/voice and live drawing/moving image. With a post-performance Q&A hosted by the lovely Dr David Butler (University of Manchester, Senior Lecturer in Drama and Screen Studies and lead researcher of Delia Derbyshire Archive).

More info on my current projects/live page.


Next live electronic music live performance in Manchester with King of the Slums

January 10, 2019 live shows

This interesting opportunity has come about via some nice serendipity. I do the occasional slot of engineering for Airtight Studios and they asked me to cover a vocal recording session for King of the Slums. The session went well and Charlie, the vocalist asked me about my own music. Then he invited me to support [...]

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Women pioneers of electronic music podcast

December 14, 2018 Uncategorized

I hereby offer you a podcast I recently made international network and database FEMALE PRESSURE.
It covers a small selection of electronic music pioneers past and present, personal and universal.
From Delia Derbyshire, Susanne Ciani, Wendy Carlos to bjork, Electric Indigo and music from a few other members of female:pressure.
I hope you enjoy the journey!

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Manchester electronic music gigs coming up in December 2018

November 23, 2018 Uncategorized

It’s not that often that I gig on my home turf these days. Not that often I gig at all compared to my early years. It actually takes a lot of energy to prepare for and recover from the lottery of a live performance – so many factors have to come together to make for [...]

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Electronic music mini tour for November 2018

October 31, 2018 live shows

Beavering away as always at Caro C towers, I’m gearing up for a mini tour week coming up:

First stop is my old home BERLIN on FRI 9 NOV – I’m excited to be playing at the female:pressure 20th birthday party with my new raw electronica live set using only an Ableton Push controller and 2 [...]

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Interview video – how I got into electronic music and my work with Delia Derbyshire Day

September 20, 2018 Delia Derbyshire Day

Thanks to Anti-Type Films for this interview about how I got into the wonderful sphere of (electronic) music, why I do it, teaching electronic music and my work with electronic music charity, Delia Derbyshire Day.

Check out the Deliaphonic youtube channel for more interviews and their 57 minute film about their Deliaphonic initiative with Delia Derbyshire [...]

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Music/sound design for dance – working with Company of Others

August 28, 2018 Uncategorized

After an amazing week working with teenage lasses in the North East (see previous post: Making Waves Hexagon Experiment electronic music summer school as part of Great Exhibition North), I now return to Newcastle for another marvellous opportunity as composer/sound designer for a new dance theatre production by Company of Others.

We are developing the show [...]

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Making Waves – a summer school project at Sage Gateshead as part of Great Exhibition of the North

July 27, 2018 Education work

I’m excited to be returning to my musical nest, Newcastle-upon-Tyne this summer to work with fellow Manchester based artists and audio nerds Afrodeutsche, Mandy Wigby and Vicky Clarke.
We’ll be working with a group of young lasses making electronic music and soundscapes using our varied tools and techniques. We will then perform a “something” on [...]

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Lawr I’r Mor/Down to the Sea – electronic music for dance in Cearnarfon

June 15, 2018 audio/visual

Welcome to the online listening version of “Lawr I’r Mor/DownToTheSea” – A dance and music performance commissioned as part of Castell 03 Arts Festival in Caernarfon, North Wales in June 2018.

This is not the performance version (the performance version has a minute of silence at one point in the journey).
This electronic music and sound design [...]

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