Janet beat interview screenshot

I am excited to share a wonderful chat I had with Janet Beat. Aged 81 and based in Scotland, Janet describes herself as “the second woman electronic music composer in the UK”. Only in the timeline of best known professional composers. Daphne Oram came first, then Delia Derbyshire became known after Janet had set up electronic studios in Scotland and composed works for tape, effects and other electronic devices. A simplified version of the electronic music landscape at the time perhaps, but an important point that Janet Beat is also a key figure in the development of electronic music in the UK.

It was amazing to hear of her journey, overcoming opposition whilst enjoying some great opportunities. I find it fascinating to hear of the experiences of these pioneering people of experimental electronic music. I wrote up our phone chat as an interview for the British Music Collection (run by Sound and Music) which is where I first happened across Janet and her music.

You can read the full interview over at British Music Collection.

Thank you to Janet for being up for sharing your story. And thank you to Sound and Music for supporting our work.


Here’s a podcast I made for female:pressure – an international database and support network for women, womxn and non binary identifying peoples working in the multi-faceted fields stemming from electronic music club culture.

This is a journey through some of the tracks that I listened to most in my formative years as an electronic musician. Some of them I listened to repeatedly before I even knew I was going to be an electronic music composer, producer, performer and more. As I make a new collection at the moment, I am falling in love with the possibilities of electronic sound, how there is such a vast palette of sonic hues we can sculpt to pinpoint the emotional communicaition I need to express. And then there’s the space between the sounds where more magic can happen.

I hope you enjoy this snapshot of my personal electronic music heritage, from Massive Attack to Autechre and Bjork via Warp Records electronica classics by Leila and Broadcast.


Trailer for “In The Footsteps” – a collaboration with Madelon Hooykaas

June 4, 2019 audio/visual

I am excited to share the trailer for the first performance of “In The Footsteps” which took place at Manchester Art Gallery in March 2019.
The performance wad filmed and trailer produced by Luna Film.

Trailer – In the Footsteps (of Delia Derbyshire and Li Yuan-chia), with Madelon Hooykaas and Caro C at Manchester Art Gallery from [...]

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Composer & Sound Designer for new Company of Others show

March 24, 2019 Uncategorized

And so I head up to my electronic music nurturing ground of Newcastle Upon Tyne to start work on creating original music and sound design for a new show by Company of Others, supported by Arts Council England. The show is about endings, with stories offered by women in the North of England.

We will [...]

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Next live performance – World of Janet, 23 March, Manchester

March 8, 2019 live shows

Next outing coming up is an invite to create a re-interpretation of a track by Janet Wolstenholme – Manchester’s own experimental electronic music legend as well as musician, composer, artist and film maker.

An evening of music, film and one human’s fertile world of creativity filling the gorgeous Cross Street Chapel in Manchester. Again I [...]

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Next performance: In the Footsteps at Manchester Art Gallery

February 24, 2019 collaborations

As my year forges on, another new work emerges.
My next outing will the first sharing of a collaboration with video art pioneer Madelon Hooykaas called “In the footsteps”.

Still from video “in the footsteps’ image: Madelon Hooykaas
I met Madelon thanks to my work with Delia Derbyshire Day, as Madelon came to DD Day 2016 (a visual [...]

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Next live electronic music live performance in Manchester with King of the Slums

January 10, 2019 live shows

This interesting opportunity has come about via some nice serendipity. I do the occasional slot of engineering for Airtight Studios and they asked me to cover a vocal recording session for King of the Slums. The session went well and Charlie, the vocalist asked me about my own music. Then he invited me to support [...]

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Women pioneers of electronic music podcast

December 14, 2018 Uncategorized

I hereby offer you a podcast I recently made international network and database FEMALE PRESSURE.
It covers a small selection of electronic music pioneers past and present, personal and universal.
From Delia Derbyshire, Susanne Ciani, Wendy Carlos to bjork, Electric Indigo and music from a few other members of female:pressure.
I hope you enjoy the journey!

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Manchester electronic music gigs coming up in December 2018

November 23, 2018 Uncategorized

It’s not that often that I gig on my home turf these days. Not that often I gig at all compared to my early years. It actually takes a lot of energy to prepare for and recover from the lottery of a live performance – so many factors have to come together to make for [...]

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Electronic music mini tour for November 2018

October 31, 2018 live shows

Beavering away as always at Caro C towers, I’m gearing up for a mini tour week coming up:

First stop is my old home BERLIN on FRI 9 NOV – I’m excited to be playing at the female:pressure 20th birthday party with my new raw electronica live set using only an Ableton Push controller and 2 [...]

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