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hello world(s)

welcome to my galaxy of expressive activity. not totally full bodied content yet but there is sun out there and i do want to sustain my eyesight :p

For now, the best placefor tracks is caro snatch myspace

well, the parabolic microphone is now functioning!
Thanks to Dave the vintage equipment magician a few tweaks and resistors and I’m away. Wow definitely more untapped frequencies.

my self-built parabolic microphone

my self-built parabolic microphone

Also, if there is anything possibly missing amidst all this bumpf or any stuff you would like me to address here, then I’m all ears and look forward to maximising on the interactive potential that is this domain.

hope some is of interest. much appreciation for all the succulent opportunities i enjoy and for all the sterling support i receive from those that know i hope.



mini radar of sparkle

mini radar of sparkle

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