ReCorDing the BeLLs for ElBow/Halle

by caro on June 30, 2009 · 0 comments

o the life throws nice random opportunities at me. Was asked by Tube UK who are doing most of the sound for Manchester International Festival if I could step in as recordist with fellow engineer Anita McCarthy to clamber up the Town Hall on a Sunday to capture the bell ringers thrashing out the main melodic motif to It’s a beautiful day off Seldom Seen Kid.

I resisted confessing to Craig, the band’s chief engineer that i am actually rather inspired by his sensitive approach on this album. And kept focus on my task at hand – getting on all fours in the dust near the top of the belltower hanging a Shure SM81 down a small hole (carefully selected from a few small holes) to get the closest ring. I love bells anyway but being in there and getting a nice rounded sound was i must admit more than marginally thrilling. And no pressure that it was the only opportunity to capture the sounds for the gig with the Halle. Bit tricky with wind noise and jangling mechanisms but I think we got a fair take.

Wonder if I will get to hear it…Would love to stick on here for you but not best prudent action…will go down to the free Castlefield live relay at least and perhaps even Open rehearsal on Tues 6. O what fun. Well done Anita for top helm lady management.

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