Studio diaries – MaMMoth MouNTain stRIng sESsioN, July 09

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Right, Steve Boyce-Buckley composed some delightful string arrangements, only heard on a keyboard til today. When we are in Lisa Stansfield’s Gracieland Studios in Rochdale to record said strings parts played by reputable quartet “Mancky strings”.

SORRY Steve’s voice is so low – hope u can hear at max volume…

Now as Steve so rightly acknowledges, this is a challenging track for the players. What with no click track and intentionally intuitive and fluid timing swells as well as a couple of changes of meter, to sync in with the piece was not obvious. Also, sensual intention is paramount, respecting the complexity we all harbour. Aside from a bit of swaying and hand sweeping conducting in one section, they got it.

Triple tracked by simply recording 3 takes (what a nice effect creating depth and increased colourfulness and job done. Video interview with myself and Steve B-B give a little bit more insight into what was a wonderful session in which I felt thoroly spoilt. H
umungous thanks to Steve B-B for his passionate input as there is now a charming sub-text to the track’s story and wonderfully embellishes its intentions. Also massive gratitude to the Mancy String players, Martin at Gracieland for his generous hospitality and Anorakism mama Tanya Paizan for trekking over the hill in support of this special treat.

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