eek, wow and flutter – the audio is done!!!

by caro on March 14, 2010 · 0 comments

Sincere apologies if you were actually interested and would have liked me to have continued to recount the studio recording journey beyond the first track (as i did so lovingly here). i just got too engrossed in actually doing it. often forgot camera too…I will however be compiling a compendium of my “dozen good eggs” – the wonderful spectrum of generous intuitive musicians that have graced the album with their magik.

10 march 2010 – Album audio is completed, finito, geschafft!!! phew, eek, wow and flutter. I can meddle no more. For the final day of mix polishes, like for all this storybook, I went to Gracieland Studios in Rochdale. It was not only for the delicious Lexicon 480X reverb and Rupert Neve’s AMEC 9098 amidst a smorgasbord of luxury vintage EQ, compressors and more. Dangerous: once i got a taste of these things i just can’t go back to budget plug-ins and expect the same satisfaction. There was of course also the human factor that drove me up there them hills in come snow or shine. For top operator of this array of wondrous technology is Steve Boyce-Buckley, whom I chose to add polishing sheen to my laptop beavering. And due to all the outboard embellishments, once it’s mixed down and gone to tape. Tis written. more eek, wow and flutter.

And overall I think i am pleased with the outcome. In spite of working relentlessly on refining my wayward vocal tendencies, I have tuned up somewhat and otherwise coming to terms with my innate unequal temperament. Mix and arrangement wise I feel I am largely comfortable although there are always a few niggles in the haystack..

Huge thanks to Martin & Steve at Gracieland for gracing me with their kindness, open-minded and hearted outlook. Recording also took place at my engineering skool SSR thanks to fellow intuitive engineer James Trott; a couple of vocal tracks at Airtight Studios on me doorstep, thanks to Alan and Tom for their patience as i fathomed the yamaha digital desk’s routing system. It’s been a nourishing and flourishing process, a bit sad it’s over in fact. next step suitably stylish but slightly wonky photo shoot with Marta Julve and show reel coming soon :>

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