album photoshoot #1: creative fashion photography

by caro on June 11, 2010 · 0 comments

Cinders gans to the ball – and enjoyed it. I approached the photoshoot challenge – of course set by myself – with an irrational amount of trepidation. Hitherto, all caro snatch photos have been me doing my experimental electronic music thing. For that is why i advertise myself as caro snatch – for what i do, not what i look like…

Anyway i wanted to try and play with other angles of my snatch-dom and want(ed) to explore the possibility of expressing my new album “til you’re no longer blinkered”’s generous and human intentions with just me, a frock, a scene and a load of visual creativity. And so a few more talented and generous angels have been presented to me as this album accumulates even more wonderful paw prints than before.

Madame Tukatz with her palette on me as we set up camp in Nexus garden

And the first of these scenes was the easily missed and just as easily remembered Nexus arts cafe in Northern Quarter of Manchester. Nexus is an art gallery and exhibition space alongside fair trade and organic cafe and plenty of tender loving care for comfort and style. The new garden with it’s ceramic, greyed brick appealed to me especially given the ivy and other unrestrainable growth.

Madame Tukatz applying the eyes - equipped with gold/copper leaf

On make-up we have Madame Tukatz aka Nikki Armstrong. And wow what a palette she has and an intuitive feel for what was exactly was right for me to transform me into the butterfly pixie i desired.

And photos snapped and encouraged by young Marta Julve, currently active in Manchester with her mature, slightly surreal sexy eye for a picture that tells a story.

Took me a little to get into it, remember to breathe and open up posturally. and then i started to really enjoy it, communicating to/with the camera. Oopseedaisy. Lucky me.

ivy in hair arranging halfsize

Documented by Senyor Doodlebug, up top there be the first album sting he has fried up overnight.

Track extract is the freshly mastered “icarus intuitology” featuring Jacob H Jamesand Bunty.

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