Delia’s Darlings: a radio piece made for RadialX 2010

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Delias darlings by carosnatch

I thoroughly enjoyed compiling this little project after coming up with the idea via the female:pressure email network mailing actions.

Women who make electronic music and are part of this electronic arts network, submitted a short piece about their music and music-making process. An amazing variety of approaches, styles and music. Explore!

It is being aired at the RadialX 2010 radio festival on 1 July at 14:00 Euro time (same as GMT I think).



Title: Female Pressure presents Delia’s Darlings

Format: Mp3 – 192kbps

Duration: 57 minutes

Summary of project: Delia’s Darlings has been specially produced for RadialX 2010. It is a collection of female electronic musicians sharing their music and compositional process. A wide spectrum of genres with ladies from across the world are covered, all members of international network female:pressure. The programme is a tribute to Delia Derbyshire, an electronic pioneer who has been described as an unsung heroine of electronic music.

Delia’s Darlings presents a spectrum of women composers in the vast world of electronic music. Each lady produced a short piece, sharing her music and music making process. We were particularly interested to discuss the tools we like to employ for our compositions. These can range from drum machines to software synths via found sounds. Genres covered include dancefloor music – techno, house, drum n bass – through to avant-garde pop and abstract experimental ambient genres. Ladies presented are based in UK, Austria, Sweden, Germany and US.

The title of this programme refers to Delia Derbyshire (1937-2001). Delia was a pioneer and one of the few women who worked in the field of electronic music at this time. She is most known for working at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop (1963-1973) and composing the original Dr. Who TV theme tune that still lives on today. She had a wonderful grasp of the technology available to her and the many possibilities it offered – for eg. Tape splicing, using a dozen oscillators and experimenting with tape effects. She also worked with a number of experimental electronic composers such as Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, Luciano Berio and Peter Zinovieff.

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Artists’ info at female:pressure

Bio: Via the female:pressure online email network a selection of electronic composers submitted a short piece describing their music and tools/technology they like to use. female:pressure acts as an international database, support and information network for female electronic composers, DJs, VJs and writers, raising the profile and increasing opportunities for women in electronic music/arts spheres.

Delia’s voice comes from extracts of an interview on Radio Scotland (1997). Also featured is extract from Delia’s Psychedelian waltz.

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Artists presented in this programme in order of appearance:

* Manami N – Berlin – avantgarde-experimental-electronic

* Xyramat – Hamburg – electronica

* Donna Maya – Berlin – DnB, Electro-Dub

* Electric Indigo – Vienna – techno, electronics

* Gavana – Stockholm – techno, tech-house, dub, dubstep

* Strict Status – Manchester UK – drum n bass

* Sci-fi sol – Oregon USA – experimental dark noise, atmospheres and dreams

* caro snatch – Manchester UK – intuitive avant-garde experimentalism

* Manou – Berlin – Electronic Chansons – and Chra – Vienna – electronic music

Jingles by SCi fi Sol and Delia extracts played with by caro snatch. Mastered by Clare Large at Intelligent Audio

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admin July 4, 2010 at 8:16 pm

thanks lady :>

CONNECTIONIST July 4, 2010 at 6:00 pm

WELL DONE!!! Really proud of you all!

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