Northern Spirit – can we define what is means to be a Northerner today?

by caro on July 15, 2011 · 0 comments

A new theatre project called Northern Spirit I have been invited to be involved in explores what it means to be a Northerner – living in the North of England today.

Along with 5 other artists hailing from, working and/or living in the North of England, Theatre Director Chris Meads has taken on this mammoth task.

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We will look at cultural touchstones and how we can depict the North now in an exciting way – ie. avoiding cliche – using animation, mobile phone technology, set & costume design and sound. We will then feed into the writing of a sequence of contemporary stories for theatre with a sense of place in the North of this lil isle today.

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Input is very welcome on the Northern Spirit blog. Here will be found much more info on the project and the artists involved so far.

Any opinions or gut feeling about how to define a Northerner living in the North of England?
Any cultural touchstones that embody ‘Northern-ness’ today for you?


And now for something completely daft..

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