An all-female electronic music festival – good idea or not?

by caro on August 14, 2013 · 0 comments

So, we’re back to that old chestnut: women in electronic music/digital arts.

And then the question of whether all-female festivals are a good idea.

So, context: Female Pressure is an international network and database of female artists operating in the fields of electronic music/club culture. Of which I am a member. And we did a little count of electronic music festivals that we all knew of and were surprised to find out that out of the 20 countries we looked at, a 10% proportion of female artists can be considered above average.


After uncovering this rather dismal lay of the land, we also wanted to be part of the solution. So we decided to put on our own festival. And we debated whether to have an all-female line up or not. Ultimately, we decided yes on this occasion, why not highlight the quality and quantity of female electronic artists out there.

I am therefore excited and honoured to be playing my Delia Derbyshire Day 2013 live set alongside the inspiring likes of Gudrun Gut, Electric Indigo and many more as well as workshops, talks and discussions that aim to “to develop joint solutions for a gender-sensitive music industry.”
Do peruse the Perspectives Festival that will take place in Berlin 12 & 13 September 2013.

And conclusion: Both myself and I think the majority of Female Pressure members would like to see more women in the line ups for all electronic music festivals and to play alongside inspiring male colleagues. We don’t want segregation, so it is for this one occasion that it is femmes only on the line up.

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