Thank you Theatre residency electronic music outcome – A Plentitude o Gratitude

by caro on July 23, 2015 · 0 comments

‘A plentitude of Gratitude’ is an electronic music based creative response inspired by and drawn from me being part of the Thank you Theatre residency in Alt, Oldham in June 2015.

This project was designed and delivered by Oldham Theatre Workshop and inspired by an Arts and Kindness initiative by People United who are exploring the role of arts and creativity in growing a more caring society. Most importantly they are interested if the arts could be a ‘superconductor’ for kindness.


Featured are the voices of Years 3 + 4 pupils of Alt Academy, members of the Alt community and the voice of ‘The Gardener’ (actor Gerry from Oldham Theatre Workshop) for the residency. I did a couple of workshops with the school pupils where we explored what happiness feels and looks like and what they are grateful for. Some most endearing, wise and wonderfully poetic responses – a couple of favourites have to be:

“I am grateful to be able to have my own opinion”
“Happiness to me is like the sun bursting into tiny hearts”
“I am grateful for myself”

The kids also made these ‘magic trees of gratitude’ which are inspired by Yoko Ono’s wishing trees – photo featuring my wonderful workshop assistant Sam!


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