>>>>>>>>> Bringing the power of the music <<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>> And the magic of sound <<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>Radiating a fierce love for planet, people and creativity<<< HMUK Do it Differently Caro C awardee 2019

“There’s so much humanity in your music even though you use technology.” Chris Austin, composer/arranger (BBC Proms, White Stripes and much more)

Like many artists, I have a variety of roles and specialisms such as:

– Composer, producer and performer
– Electronic Music – incorporating acoustic elements & found sounds/non-musical objects
– Studio recording engineer/sound engineer
– Music technology teacher & course designer
– Music making and performance facilitator
– Project manager and fundraiser
– Vocalist/singer & vocal coach


“Even more than the most DIY of indie bands or abstract of glitchcore artists this is an outer fringe of music, an artist realising the sound of her own unconstrained imagination” – Cath Aubergine, The Up Down Escalator

“Radicalism runs through Caro C’s work – with music not only breaking expectations, but radically breaking genre boundaries” – Emily Oldfield, Louder Than War

“Caro C, previously Caro Snatch creates an expressive and intuitive blend of electronics, vocals, piano and strings with definite nods to Joanna Newsom, Ludovico Einaudi and Delia Derbyshire. Playing with seemingly simple and effective themes her sound palette breathes fresh air into the modern classical formula.” Norman Records.

Well it all started back in 1998 with a damaged back, a double-decker bus as a home and a Korg Poly-800 synth. Bedridden after back surgery and forced to be still and horizontal, i got right stuck in with playing allouette albeit a bit largo and messin with a tascam 4 track.

The canny toon of NEWCASTLE nurtured my musical rarities (1997-2005), then i shimmied over to the electronic mecca that is BERLIN (2005-7) before landing in MANCHESTER (2007) where i am happily expanding as an artist, creative music facilitator and SOUND ENGINEER/PRODUCER (studio sculpting specialisation).

Described as a “one-woman electronic avalanche”, i can be found ON STAGE with a few hardware devices, a laptop these days and a piano when I can. A heartfelt electronic soundtrack that seems to defy category is embellished with multi-lingual poems and melodic vocal expressions.

Most simply generalised, my output is intended as a journey through the quagmire of human emotion with an ultimately hopeful conclusion. Basically, I trust my intuition as much as I can, perform to express not impress & cogitate a fair bit about the magical mystery that is being human.

I have produced music and sound design for film (Pinball Films 2009), theatre (Wondrous Place, 2014), sculpture (Nature, Skin & Bones, 2016), short story (Hayling Stories, 2017) , dance (STAMP festival, 2018 & Company of Others, 2018/9), poetry accompaniment (Lisa B) as well as a spectrum of musical collaborations, compilation contributions and remixes. I released my third album “Everything Gives to Something Else” in 2016 with cherished crowd funding support.

I also enjoy enabling others to express themselves through words and music and work as a CREATIVE FACILITATOR with various arts organisations here in the Manchester area.

“The British Bjork…It’s fantastic mood music, assuming the mood is smartly quirky” – Splendidezine, USA.

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