2015 – A Plentitude o Gratitude – the outcome of a week residency with the Thank You Theatre by Oldham Theatre Workshop – voice, interview soundbytes, electronics and plant pot percussion

2014 – Lesbian & Gay hate crime stories – a creative radio documentary commissioned by Seed Studios

2014 – Electro-Brass – electronic music meets brass music – A Brass:Pitch commission for Durham Brass Festival 2014 composed with Eve Harrison.

2013 – A Wondrous Place – music and sound design for theatre production “A Wondrous Place” directed by Chris Meads.

2013 – We Rotate Round – voice, found sounds/gallery field recordings and electronics – a commission for Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester.

2013 – Audient, My Dear – software, hardware, voice, ping pong ball, plastic ruler – a commission for Delia Derbyshire Day 2013. Airplay includes Late Junction, BBC Radio 3.

2012 – Laughter is a Language – voice, laughter recordings and electronics – using recordings from the first UK Laughter Yoga Festival i2012. To be released on an independent compilation.

2011 – Vocal resonance yodel – yodel voices and electronics – 1 of 3 finalists in Voixtronik Festival 2011 competition using recordings of the Breinlinger singing family performing “Saudirndl- Jodler.”

2009 – Untapped frequencies – voice, found sounds and electronics – outcome of artist residency at Contact Theatre, Manchester exploring the acoustic properties of the un-public spaces of Professor Alan Short’s award-winning building.

* Til you’re no longer blinkered – second album – self release, 2010 – Special edition CD & digital download – featuring a score of good (musical) eggs. Explore at Bandcamp (CD sold out, digital download available).

* “Plan in it” EP – anorakism, 2008. (CD sold out, digital download). On CD Baby

* Debut independent album “es muss sein” – on Phonector, 2006. (CD/MP3). With collaborations by Cathode and B. Raehme Es Muss Sein on CD Baby

* “wysiwyg” – anorakism, 2007 – split AA vinyl with dr nojoke and reciprocal remixes

* “es muss sein EP” – Phonector, 2006.(CD SOLD OUT/MP3) With remixes by Cathode and Judith Juillerat

* “Tidal warning” EP – Xstatic records, 2004(CD/MP3). Still on Lastfm!

Plan in it EP cover by Fezbelle

Plan in it EP cover by Fezbelle

Anorakism - for the head, heart and haunches

Anorakism - for the head, heart and haunches

* “Soulshaker” Jonstun & Urban Geisha debut EP (CD/download) – J&UG records, 2009. CD/digital on iTunes

* “The Gloves of a skin of a fish” Corvus (CD album) – Epona Records, 2009.

* “Resonant frequencies” Lisa B. Anorakism 005, 2008. Recorded, produced and provided sonic accompaniment to this album by accomplished poet/social commentator. Check it out at CD Baby


* Lapis Lazuli on Blaq Records, Mexico 2010. MP3

* Comfort of Strangers – a curious concept compilation including a collage track of mine made from beatabet collective ingredients on Sound Network, 2008. CD

* Rebellious Jukebox Volume 1 – Rebellious Jukebox sampler, 2008. CD/MP3

* ‘Supopon’- sss netlabel, 2007. MP3

* “what’s it going to be, eh?”, Happy Aua Recordings,2007. CD/MP3

* Girl monster – Chicks on Speed, 2006.CD/MP3

* Wired ones – Wired stuff, 2006.CD

* Shenanigans – La Mue, 2004.vinyl.


* ‘Dear Foreigner’, 2010 – a film commission for Milan’s Letters Festival by Kate Jessop – features Kleine Melodie

* The Other Possibility-Pinball films,composed original soundtrack for feature film.

*Media Trust, 2008 – provided a track for promotional film about Full Circle Arts to be shown on Sky Community Channel.


* With Cathode

* With Contraption – Sweet Miracle

* With Ekiti Son – Define youself & When will we on Sacred Science album (2008)

* With Dr. Nojoke – Um-machtung (2009)

* With Die Puppe – Viens ensemble and Moon on a Spoon (2009)

Some press comments:

live at Svaj, Stockholm. Pic by Magnus Gyllenhammar

live at Svaj, Stockholm. Pic by Magnus Gyllenhammar

“One-woman electronic avalanche” – bbc.co.uk

“a pioneering independent electronic musician” – Metro, UK

“Never mind the techie stuff – great songs full of interesting ideas” – Chorlton Radiophonic Workshop

“Even more than the most DIY of indie bands or abstract of glitchcore artists this is an outer fringe of music, an artist realising the sound of her own unconstrained imagination” – Cath Aubergine, The Up Down Escalator

“slightly bonkers world of Caroline Churchill…she makes mood music with an improvisatory feel” Lucy O’Brien, Girl Monster Volume 1 sleeve notes

“Proper interesting gear with lots of fresh ideas and thought provoking lyrics” – Brian at Norman Records, UK

“Super-charged with other-worldly atmospherics caro snatch’s latest sees her drifting through time and space as she contemplates life’s rich tapestry in her own inimitable manner”. GM (Crack Magazine)

live in Koeln. Pic by Friedrich Kott. Dress by Birgit Neppl

live in Koeln. Pic by Friedrich Kott. Dress by Birgit Neppl

“Mixing spiky synth melodies and deeply emotive lyrics, there was no doubt that Ms Churchill is destined for great things” – Newcastle Evening Chronicle, UK

” She manages to create dizzying soundscapes that combine digital daring-do with the kind of soul and talent so often missing from lesser talents” – Crack magazine, UK

“A one-woman slap in the face for the chin-stroking laptop massive” – bbc.co.uk

“A more formidable Grace Jones” – Is this music magazine, Scotland

“Laurie Anderson on acid” – Sparkle Street Management

“A boards of canada fan’s wet dream” – a post gig conquered fan

“The british Bjork…the ideal soundtrack for any…unconventional/ niche parties. It’s fantastic mood music, assuming the mood is smartly quirky” – Splendidezine, USA.

“In the unconventional world of caro snatch…multi-lingual poems, hard-hitting bpms and a stark electro soundtrack combine to produce a genre-defying performance” – Leeds Guide, UK.

“a project in which the sound and the voice assume almost experimental shades in the search of something creative and different” – popchild.com, Spain.

“sehr rythmisch, sehr strange, sehr fett und so neo wavig” – realmusic.de

forbidden characters. Courtesy of Anorakism

forbidden characters. Courtesy of Anorakism

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