first, please excuse me as i divulge my other ethernet realms:

caro snatch Bandcamp

caro snatch soundcloud

caro snatch my space

cpc engineering my space – a snapshot of some of my engineering outcomes

And here’s some links of talented friends, helpers and organisations that might be of interest, delectation or help to you:

Gracieland Studios. Lisa Stansfield’s deliciously decked out recording studio in Rochdale. Home to seasoned and sensitive engineer, producer, string arranger and apparently great keys player Steve Boyce-Buckley. A relaxed, top quality recording & mixing environment with a bidet.

Airtight Studios based in Chorlton, Manchester. Nice tucked away facility run by decent and clever chaps Alan & Tom.

Contact Theatre – hub of theatre related rarities in Manchester and home of my untapped frequencies residency.

Justine Electra – Berlin-based companyera doing an admirable task of 365 songs in 365 days. and she really has that much interesting output to share..

top geek/nerdy titillation blogs: Audio geek zine & Noise Addicts

and informative resource of music tech related Audio Production Suite and Ian Shepherd’s passionate & informative Production Advice.

Music Media Now Lee Pritchard’s blog with useful info on royalty free music and other music industry advice

Digital Consultant – a treasure trove of articles, resources and knowledge in the realm of the digital economy with highly-estimed Susi O’Neill at the helm.

Valentine Records – home of more maverick manchester bands and also lots of other talented nutters.

Beatabet – a delightful rabble of creatives mainly based in Brighton

Female Pressure – the original network database for electronically active ladies

Electronic Ladies – Cologne based lovely ladies working for the collective and the individual individuation

more ethernet ginnels to explore musical ladies: The Girls Are, Women in electronic music & Wears the Trousers

Derek Sivers Blog – a healthy injection of reflections and inspiration from founder of CD baby, with a holistic attitude to music making and creative entrepreneuring.

Steve Lawson Blog – a waxing lyrical muso bod with an efficient brain and quick typing fingers (how else does he manage to be so productive?)

Strict Status – slickly produced monster drum n bass from a fellow mancunian companyera

Music Think Tank – another hub for clever analyses of what we like to label the music industry – yes that does include us that are independent

Distraction Records – toon based gents that foolishly geve me platform aplenty from which i have not been able to turn back from

Drake Music – I work with north west region folk, pushing boundaries and possibilities of music making with assistive technology

Full Circle Arts – positive creative support

wonderful collaborators and creative friends:

Shirokuma – Manchester’s Serge

Lisa B – graceful sensibilities of an authentic word rhythm meistress. really enjoyed recording her voice and embellishing her latest album

Jenny Kosmowsky – powerful lady with equally potent voice that is lent on opening track of new album

Chorlton Radiphonic Family – stalwart supporters of the CS and RaGD cause. And collectors of some rather precious synths

x.a.cute – the lovely berlin based gents rocking steady and rumblin a plenty

Dr Nojoke – one of my first and dearest electric friends in berlin with a slick aesthetic and guaranteed safe bass therapy

Wired Records- platform for the rare and on it rockstress Heidi Mortenson. “kleine melodie” appeared on Wired ones Vol 1.

Tasha Dyson – suitably twisted young artist lady who kindly offered her work for album and remix EP covers.

The Broken Door – rocking drum n bass/electronic improvisation outfit.

Ekiti Son – another genteel partner in contemplative rhyme and funk-fuelled time. Lent some voice and sentiment to his new album “Sacred Science” and my first podcast.

Die Puppe – collaborateur parisien with ethereal sensibilities. Enjoyed doing cover of come together..

to be continued as energy and memory unravels…

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