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Heartmind Preylude from caro c on Vimeo.

Welcome to my third album Everything Gives to Something Else!

Please absorb with decent ear/headphones or speakers to really appreciate the full picture of this lovingly crafted music.

The theme for Everything Gives to Something Else is interconnection, compassion and living more from the heart and body (less from the confines of the head). This new collection of tracks involve piano, my voice, electronic music, wonderful guest musicians and found sounds such as an ice cube clinking in a glass and 2 squash balls for a kick drum.

Everything Gives to Something Else album release party, May 2016

We had a magic release party/launch event for my third album Everything Gives to Something Else – at The Wonder Inn in Manchester on 21 May, we are now getting out and about with the new live show.

Wonder Inn me&kate red

To launch Everything Gives to Something Else, I performed Everything Gives to Something Else live with piano, my voice, live sampling and found sound loops. Immense thanks to my wonderful guest musicians Kate Moran on violin, Gemma Leighton on vocals, Emma Welsby on cajón & Janet Wolstenholme on guitar. And the injection of emotive visuals by Andrea Pazos on a couple of tracks.

Glowing gratitude to the full room of folk who came down and the Wonder Inn team. Mammoth thanks to Tube UK who sponsored the top notch sound & lighting for the event. Thank you performers The Present Occupier & friends, and Gemm who enchanted us with her songs from her debut album “Tales from the natural world”. DJ Bobcatz played suitably atmospheric and quirky tunes.

A few audience member responses:

“Enchantingly wonderful and emotional and soncially captivating”
“A mesmerising performance”
“Beautiful night, beautiful gig”
“Moving. Deep. Transcendental. Real. Funny. Sensuous. In the now.”
“Refreshing, different & enlightening – loved the whole sensual experience.”
“Am left feeling calm and centred & hopeful about the human condition – a gift, thank you.”
“You were indeed Cinderella at the ball – sculpting your magic over us all”

The Making of Everything Gives to Something Else

After plucking up the courage, I embarked on my first crowdfunding experience with the vital support of my nearest and dearest. I am most grateful for around £1000 backing to make the album with downloads, limited edition CD package & album live launch in May 2016.

Making Everything Gives to Something Else

In case someone might be interested, I thought I would share the process of making EG2SE a bit.

Most of the tracks are pretty much written as they were tested out live on a small audience in May 2015. The feedback was encouraging and the heart-fuelled communication seemed to be successful. So now to the recording studio(s).

Recording Vocals

cat singing

The time has come for me to sing. Up til now, my vocals have largely been of the sprechstimme, sort of spoken variety. But now melodies are coming out of me. So I need to (allow myself to) become a singer..

Jeannie Deva’s online vocal school was an empowering start. Very affordable, you can work at your own pace and I picked up some technical exercises to strengthen the right muscles – and actually learned where my lungs are! I loved Jeannie’s statement:

Singers are vocal athletes, [so] just like an athlete we must nurture and exercise the voice.

I was then very lucky to be able to treat myself to a Naked Voice retreat in Dec 2015. This very body & soulful approach really resonated and made complete nonsense to me. Chloe talked a lot of non-separation. Naked Voice is basically about singing out your true voice – singing to express not impress.

Your naked voice is rooted in the wisdom of uncertainty. And from the music of this uncertainty arises the fearless music of your heart [driven] by the power of love and compassion.

Chloe Goodchild, The Naked Voice (2015)

So, I will go into Lisa Stansfield’s Gracieland Studios with the wonderfully experienced and down-to-earth Steve Boyce-Buckley to record lead vocals, allowing myself to sing, sing, sing fully in body and heart and unseparated from the music that is coming from/through me.

Recording Piano

piano & headphones

I have also gravitated towards the piano, especially now I can sit a lot more comfortably these days and live in a house with the space for a piano. I love the resonance of the wood and the wide range of pitch and expressive colours I can play with. I am not trained formally on this instrument either. Hey well, it’s about playing to express not impress after all.

The piano and violin on the demo track Heartmind Preylude above were recorded at the lovely 80 Hertz Studios. The piano parts on the other tracks are to be recorded with fellow engineer (and prolific composer & film maker) Janet Wolstenholme in a church in Whalley Range, Manchester.

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admin December 30, 2016 at 9:22 pm

Hi there Andrew

Thank you for your comment – it’s always nice to get nice feedback. I totally get the commuting soundtrack thing – and glad it can be of benefit to this part of your day!
You can order a copy of the CD at Bandcamp:

andrew December 28, 2016 at 3:32 pm

I came across your music via jumping around a number of sites starting at the MU.

Love the music. x . Don’t be offended but I love this style for listening on a train during the daily commute!!

Can this be bought on CD? I don’t have an iplayer account.

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